2 thoughts on “Separating The Wheat From The Chaff — 90 Miles From Tyranny

  1. Socialism does work… for the first few years.
    Some entrepreneurs have not learned yet that the state will steal most of the profits from their companies… or simply steal the companies.
    Some men still work hard to try to improve the lot of their families, even if the state steals much of his gains.

    And the leeches do get to live off the wealth stolen from those who were luckier or worked harder in the past.

    But eventually, there is little saved wealth remaining to be stolen. And far fewer entrepreneurs who will risk their own wealth in a business that would have employed others. And fewer men who are willing to work hard, given the lack of benefits he would receive from his own labors.

    Oh, and people want socialism because of jealousy and laziness. Same reasons for the cousins feminism and facism.


  2. Socialism isn’t about economics. It’s about equality. Equality is ultimately about equality with God.

    Marx himself said he wanted to feel equal to God. If you would like, I can dig out a quote.


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