3 thoughts on “If All You See… — Pirate’s Cove

  1. Beautiful… except for the pants. And they are ripped pants!
    I have no idea why buying pre-ripped pants was even considered “cool”.
    Maybe it was a sign of wealth? I have so much money, I can afford to buy expensive pants that will have half the normal life?

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  2. Maryann is that you?What if steeler was right &its a”cold day in hell” with all this global warming going on, then will her clothes be still warm enough for her?
    P.S.I have been having fun flying cars thru the air again on driver:You are the real wheelman on PS1 while listening to ”just like paradise”&I don’t want to go home except maybe to maryann above,right?”No more lonely nights” with her,right?Remember where people thought driver was too hard to play in’99?Easy as can be for a non-chalante true romantic like myself!

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