Our “Work It May, Shine It Must” Society

From a comment here:

And girls are great at the admin, which is what makes the Navy work, or at least look busy. Work It May, Shine It Must isn’t just a clever slogan, it’s very real, though today it’s more about the admin arrangements than the actual brightwork, since making sailors shine brass makes the girls feel bad about telling other people what to do. The absurd mindset of the Navy, or at least the surface ship Navy, is that warfighting excellence is the happy accident of good administration, and while many girls are actually terrible at leading sailors, they are truly excellent at building binders full of checklists. I’m not entirely sure which is the cause and which is the effect, but the surface navy attracts a disproportionate number of girls, and I’d guess that part of the appeal is that the job is heavily administrative in nature, certainly at the day to day effort, though I wouldn’t be surprised to conclude that the absurd growth in admin requirements lagged the introduction of the ladies on ships.

The slogan is new to me, having never served, but the experience is all-to-familiar as I think almost any rational person who has worked in medium-to-large organizations can corroborate. Meetings, meetings and more meetings. Planning to plan. WTF are we even trying to do here? If there is a problem or objective, who the hell knows what it is and are we ever going to be told? Why must every meeting start of with 10 minutes (timed, I’m absolutely certain) about, “How is everyone doing today?”


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