Is Computer Hacking Not Illegal Anymore?

Emma Best is the founder of Distributed Denial of Secrets, a left-wing group that hacked GiveSendGo’s website and then shared its findings with the establishment press.

In response, the establishment press rushed to publish the names of every police officer and public official who’d donated to Rittenhouse’s fundraiser, including…

Seems to me there is quite a bit of difference between leaking and hacking, though I believe that both can be criminal depending on the circumstances. However, I do believe that hacking into another party’s system is always illegal.

The transparency activist organization Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets) has been formally designated as a “criminal hacker group,” following the publication of 296 gigabytes of sensitive law enforcement data earlier this summer, known colloquially as “BlueLeaks.”

Crucially, Best maintains that the group has never been involved in any intrusions to obtain documents and merely publishes files after they’ve been obtained by others. “Unlike WikiLeaks and Assange, we have no involvement in actual hacks and don’t provide material support to hackers,” they told The Verge.

However knowingly trafficking in stolen goods is illegal. This isn’t some group of Russians or Chinese hackers located half-way ’round the world, so I think it’s weird that apparently no arrests have been made.

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