Amazon’s WoT: Episode Two Review

So I rode through the forest in a plot with no name …

I honestly can’t remember when ep one left off and this one began.

Lots of riding and talking and then just talking. The samurai takes them into a cursed city to get away from the trollocs. Not a great plan.

Rand is on his period for most of this ep, though he does ask a good question. Where are they going and why? I think the audience would like to know as well.

Moraine tells them a crap legend about the kids homeland where a woman who apparently could have saved their own army from being destroyed doesn’t act until after all their soldiers have been killed. Great story bro.

Which reminds me. That is a weird village where some of the people are very brown and some are very white, but they’ve all been living together in a fairly isolated location for hundreds of years? Why aren’t they all beige by now?

4 thoughts on “Amazon’s WoT: Episode Two Review

  1. Did you read the series? 🙂
    Reviews are pretty bad.
    I’m watching it, but not impressed. I’ve been waiting for it so long I have to watch it (unless and until it makes me physically ill…which might happen)

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    • I think I read the first 4-5 books maybe ~20-25 years ago, but quit because I got bored. I remember skimming/skipping character POV chapters because I didn’t care what happened to them. Hardly remember anything except some character names. All which means I’m not super-invested, but this show just kinda sucks:
      Casting and acting are generally bad.
      Dialogue is clunky.
      Characters make stupid decisions.
      People constantly running around with no ideas of where they are going.
      Trollocs need torches to see at night? Where did they get all those torches?
      Why the whirlpool and not just set the ferry on fire? Why even do that? The rope’s been cut. The old guy can’t get it across no matter what.

      It’s just dumb.

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      • They lost the plot at the very beginning when Moraine said the Dragon reborn might be “either a man or a woman”. The whole premise of the story was the Dragon was a man (as opposed to the women who ran the monopoly on power, and arbitrarily killed all the men who had the ability to channel).
        I’m especially disappointed in the Matt Calthon actor. Matt was funny and charismatic and…lucky.
        Ah well.

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      • I vaguely remember Mat being the most likable character, and the actor doesn’t seem bad to me, but he’s not given much to work with here.

        Yeah, the Dragon has to be a man. That’s kind of the linchpin of the whole freaking story.

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