Please, Please, I’m Begging You!!!

Spread this to every corner of the web. Link it everywhere you can. Start printing stickers and put them next to the FJB ones everywhere you go.

No woman can ever be trusted. Never, ever, ever.

h/t cameron at Spawny’s Space

4 thoughts on “Please, Please, I’m Begging You!!!

  1. And you also can’t trust the governments. I read about a case somewhere in Canada where a couple had never lived together. They each had a house; I can’t remember if both owned their respective house or rented. They did regularly have sleep-overs, but they never lived together.
    A “family” court judge decided that they were common-law married, despite never having a wedding ceremony and never having lived together. And the victim was ordered to pay his “ex-wife” alimony.

    At what point do we admit that the government is an enemy of the state? Assuming you understand “the state” to be the people, rather than the bureaucrats and politicians being paid to supposedly serve the people.

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