Amazon’s WoT: Episode Three Review

Moraine, the only character who supposedly knows what is going on and has some kind of plan, is in a coma for basically the entire episode.

Nynaeve shows up out of nowhere having inexplicably tracked down Moraine and the samurai. Also, she escaped by killing a huge trolloc in close combat. Yeah, right.

Egewene and Perrin are being chased by wolves. And then they’re not. And then they are again.

Mat and Rand are in a dirty mining town. They meet a gleeman. Hey, here’s a girl who can kinda act. Oh, no, she’s dead.

Amazon’s WoT: Episode Two Review

So I rode through the forest in a plot with no name …

I honestly can’t remember when ep one left off and this one began.

Lots of riding and talking and then just talking. The samurai takes them into a cursed city to get away from the trollocs. Not a great plan.

Rand is on his period for most of this ep, though he does ask a good question. Where are they going and why? I think the audience would like to know as well.

Moraine tells them a crap legend about the kids homeland where a woman who apparently could have saved their own army from being destroyed doesn’t act until after all their soldiers have been killed. Great story bro.

Which reminds me. That is a weird village where some of the people are very brown and some are very white, but they’ve all been living together in a fairly isolated location for hundreds of years? Why aren’t they all beige by now?

Is Computer Hacking Not Illegal Anymore?

Emma Best is the founder of Distributed Denial of Secrets, a left-wing group that hacked GiveSendGo’s website and then shared its findings with the establishment press.

In response, the establishment press rushed to publish the names of every police officer and public official who’d donated to Rittenhouse’s fundraiser, including…

Seems to me there is quite a bit of difference between leaking and hacking, though I believe that both can be criminal depending on the circumstances. However, I do believe that hacking into another party’s system is always illegal.

The transparency activist organization Distributed Denial of Secrets (DDoSecrets) has been formally designated as a “criminal hacker group,” following the publication of 296 gigabytes of sensitive law enforcement data earlier this summer, known colloquially as “BlueLeaks.”

Crucially, Best maintains that the group has never been involved in any intrusions to obtain documents and merely publishes files after they’ve been obtained by others. “Unlike WikiLeaks and Assange, we have no involvement in actual hacks and don’t provide material support to hackers,” they told The Verge.

However knowingly trafficking in stolen goods is illegal. This isn’t some group of Russians or Chinese hackers located half-way ’round the world, so I think it’s weird that apparently no arrests have been made.

Things Science Can’t Fix: Sugar Babies Edition

Last week I learned ya that you can revive stale Good ‘N Plenty candy by nuking them in the microwave for a few seconds. SCIENCE!!!

Unfortunately the same remedy isn’t a panacea for all your sweet treats. When Sugar Babies go bad all you can do is throw them out. On their asses.

Now I think this is a really weird situation. She’s in the middle of a hysterical fit and she’s making a tick tock video? Nah, bro. That was digital signal flare for some white knight/ Captain Save-A-Ho to come bail her out.

Some of the best engineers would rather quit than be micromanaged — Isegoria

The Pragmatic Engineer (Gergely Orosz) looks at how Big Tech runs tech projects and ends with the following ideas as food for thought: Iterative changes always work better than ‘big bang’ ones. A European tech company struggling with shipping very slowly hired a new VP of Engineering. This person decided to move the whole organization…

Some of the best engineers would rather quit than be micromanaged — Isegoria

Just for fun replace “engineer” with the more general “problem solver” or even just “knowledgeable employee”.

A few words about Kyle Rittenhouse —

He was innocent. Not “found innocent”. Not “got off on a technicality”. Innocent. He should never have been prosecuted. The law is clear on this. It shouldn’t have taken a jury to decide. The judge should have dismissed the case on it’s merits. The prosecutor should be dismissed and disbarred. This is a clear case […]

A few words about Kyle Rittenhouse —

I could not have said it better myself.