Where I’m At Right Now

Luckily, I don’t have 8 different bosses, but I do have lots of different internal “customers” who don’t really understand how our systems work or why their requests don’t make any sense from an IT or patient care perspective.

Out top leadership is total crap. Right now, I’m just hoping to stay employed until my kids are out of school.

Healthcare Workers Aren’t Slaves, Except When They Are

Hospital sues at will workers who leave for better pay/benefits at another hospital. Judge grants TRO to stop them working at new jobs.

Judge then realizes he’s been an idiot and lifts TRO.

Really, he was hoping the assholes who sued the workers would stop being assholes over the weekend? As noted, this was really an attempt to intimidate other workers looking to escape what must be a rather ugly place to work.

However CMS can still force hospitals to mandate health care workers get shot up with dangerous, untested vaxxines or be fired, or the hospitals will face reduced payments from Medicare.


Even if the state blocks the mandate, the hospital leadership still know who pays their salaries and enforce the mandates on CMS behalf. They lie about it being about health and safety, but it’s about protecting their mid-6-figure + incomes.

“The answer is, absolutely not.”

At this current crazy moment, most of the “Western” world (Europe, the U.S., Canada, Australia) is hell bent on achieving a “net zero” energy system. As I understand this concept, it means that, within two or three decades, all electricity production will be converted from the current mostly-fossil-fuel generation mix to almost entirely wind, solar…

How About A Pilot Project To Demonstrate The Feasibility Of Fully Wind/Solar/Battery Electricity Generation? — Manhattan Contrarian

The New Green Grift is not about saving the planet. It’s about enriching a few while impoverishing the many.