I’ma Sit This One Out

I am the only one in the house who can walk Big Girl. Anyone else tries and she just lays down in the front yard. Might go a one or two houses away just to get their hopes up and then lays down.

When a 140 lb dog don’t wanna go for you, she don’t go. But Big Girl loves her Daddy and she knows who’s Boss.

2 thoughts on “I’ma Sit This One Out

  1. HUNTER, Have you ever owned lovable hyper&physicaly&mentaly strong male border collies like I have since the ’80’s?They always remind me of a certain eccentric-type guy for some unknown reason!

    THATS more info on them for educational purposes only dude!
    They paraelle ALMOST everything GREAT about GBFM&professorGBFM too!
    I would get my third border collie moving especialy fast just by talking to him in my known almost eccentric way back between ’09(When I was watching KTLA5S JESSICA HOLMES on satelitte,remember from my first major comment as professorGBFM!?)&’15 mainly then he started getting too old to get that excited&moving that fast!&I’ve been mostly depressed about that since then,hence my excess energy that now gets off-loaded on here,@GUNNERS,@SNAPPERS&WILL.S’S

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