9 thoughts on “Your Don’t Have To Be Pro-Russia To Hope Russia Kills Your Enemies

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  2. In the UK, they are trying to make us hate Russia. They do this by screaming about how Russia has violated the sovereignty of a sovereign nation. Previously, they told us there is no such thing as a sovereign nation and even the idea of an invasion is racist.

    Its not working.

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  3. When are non-leftists going to wake up to the notion that all lefto-pukes make an infection of the deadly religion of cultural-marxism and their aim is to destroy humanity and lord over the remains of human civilization like its neo-feudal-lords?

    Leftism needs to be extinguished.

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  4. The issue is between the bankers who intend to make slaves of socialized nations and merchants who need to keep expanding markets (an enterprise which requires increasing consumers who have discretionary income).
    That’s the tension between Sephardic Jerusalem Judaism/bankers and Ashkenazi Babylonian Judaism/merchants.
    The Sephardic have to destroy the Ashkenazi in order to reach their goal of enslaving socialized collectives. Neither can reach their goals if the goy decide to forsake money, and start making communities of farmers, ranchers, and artisans where the individual’s production is his access to the economy. .


    • I think we can agree that your first point is in play.

      I don’t really know much at all about that relationship between A and S groups.

      The elites certainly do hate the idea of anybody not being under their thumb. Whether is be small communities of farmers, etc or smaller ethnocentric countries.

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      • You’re right in the last assessment. It might be necessary to create gypsy communities. Imagine members with two wagons: one for residence and one for craft.
        The chief strategy is denial of territory – the territory being profit from the labor of the individual. The use of money gives global bankers and merchants first access to the profit that is inherent in labor.

        But, Kentucky Headhunter, I’m sure your own cogitations have revealed this to you.

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      • The connection made to A & S is one I have assumed from Bible study.
        Taken the Bible as a historical source, we learn that the Jews who returned to Jerusalem from captivity in Babylon became a very legalistic AND racist group. When forced to leave Jerusalem (i.e., the place that gave them their advantage in trade between continents), Sephardists began supporting themselves by usury – it being in their minds that, both, Moses said that they’d lend to nations, and Solomon said that the borrower is the slave of the lender.
        This happened while the Judaism that remained in Babylon (Ashkenazi) was characterized by intercontinental trade and racial promiscuity. In reality, that Judaism was nothing more than a mask behind which Babylon continued to conduct international trafficking.
        [This is ALL supported by Bible.]
        In Revelation, the reference to Mystery Babylon tells us that Babylon continues to conduct international commerce in a hidden way until it, eventually, gets destroyed resulting in the end of buying from merchants. (Freemasonry has been said by Jews to be Jewish, almost, entirely.) So capitalism is going away, once and for all.
        That leaves socialism which has a mechanism for buying and selling that excludes merchants.
        AI-controlled commerce?
        Is that why digital currencies are finding support in banker-owned nations?
        In all this, Russia stands alone as uncontrolled by a Rothschild central bank – or, so I’m told.


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