So, another crack-brained moment, or just more lying? — Irons in the Fire

“Are you worried that other leaders in the world are going to start to doubt that America is back if some of these big things that you say on the world stage keep getting walked back?” Doocy asked? “What getting walked back?” Biden demanded, apparently seriously. “It may sound like, just in the last couple…

So, another crack-brained moment, or just more lying? — Irons in the Fire

Biden doesn’t just think he is POTUS, he thinks he’s Emperor of the World. BUT, he’s also brain dead. So basically he’s super-entitled zombie who doesn’t know what he’s saying 99% of the time.

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Putting this here for later:

A few suggestions of non-US stuff. Not being snobby, I just reckon that you’ll know the US stuff better than I. Most of them appear to be based on books.

Cadfael – medieval monk crime solver (books by Ellis Peters)
Dalziel and Pascoe – no it’s not pronounced like that
DCI Banks
Inspector George Gently – Northern England set in the 60s
Jesse Stone (okay, this is US)
Last Detective – semi-comedy detective series. Not watched it but you may like it (I might)
Luther – Idris Elba cop on the edge. Supposed to be very good
Maigret – there are three generations of this. Paris detective. The latest stars Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean)
Murdoch Mysteries – Not watched it in years but I quite enjoyed the early stuff
New Tricks – bunch of retired detectives go back to work. Slight comedy
Rebus – MacScottish. Gritty and good.
Silent Witness – recently gone woke but first 20 odd series might be worth a go.
Suspicions of Mr Whicher – Victorian set, slower paced.
Taggart – legendary Glasgow set series (LOTS of series of this)
Touching Evil – borderline horror mysteries
Touch of Frost – Old school detective
Van der Valk – couple of generations, one recent. UK series about an Amsterdam detective
Waking the Dead – shouty detective leads team in solving old murders
Wycliffe – Set in Cornwall (SW England. Rugged and beautiful) Slower paced mysteries
Zen – UK series about an Italian detective

I’m currently watching this Japanese show “The Man Who Won’t Get Married”.

OK so far.

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Hey Oscar, All Your Movies Suck!

Hollywood can’t even do a decent cartoon anymore

Modern movies suck. Really suck. Of course there have been lots of sucky movies every decade since movies began, but today they all basically suck. They guys from MST3K could basically give every movie today a good thrashing without breaking a sweat.

Here’s some of my favorite riffs from an old kaiju movie that each brought a smile to face. They all happened within a 5 minute window.

And this was PRIOR to Baldwin shooting those people on set.

Pitch Meeting Guy does great work and The Drinker is a (mostly) reliable source. Both of them and the fellows at Red Letter Media produce content that’s generally 10x better than anything coming out of “Hollywood”.

I Also, Do Not Earn NBA Money

But I suspect the reason for that is that I do not play in the NBA. I do not earn MLS money (whatever that may be) either. And again, I believe it’s most likely due to the fact that I do not play in the MLS.

Now there are persyns demanding to be paid NBA and MLS salaries even though they do not play in those leagues. I am very interested in how this turns out as I feel like there is a great opportunity for me personally. Me being able to collect monies from all the professional sports leagues I do not play in would be a considerable help to the family finances, especially in these times of Bidenflation.

Exhibit A(for tonight) of “We cooked the books” — Irons in the Fire

“The group combed through 800 responses to Freedom of Information requests made by members of the public to medical institutions such as care homes and hospital trusts, and found fundamental flaws in way Covid fatalities were recorded. In total, 14 different terms were used to describe a person who had died with Covid – including…

Exhibit A(for tonight) of “We cooked the books” — Irons in the Fire

The whole thing has been a hoax/scam/power grab/money grab/catastrophe_by_design.