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Putting this here for later:

A few suggestions of non-US stuff. Not being snobby, I just reckon that you’ll know the US stuff better than I. Most of them appear to be based on books.

Cadfael – medieval monk crime solver (books by Ellis Peters)
Dalziel and Pascoe – no it’s not pronounced like that
DCI Banks
Inspector George Gently – Northern England set in the 60s
Jesse Stone (okay, this is US)
Last Detective – semi-comedy detective series. Not watched it but you may like it (I might)
Luther – Idris Elba cop on the edge. Supposed to be very good
Maigret – there are three generations of this. Paris detective. The latest stars Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean)
Murdoch Mysteries – Not watched it in years but I quite enjoyed the early stuff
New Tricks – bunch of retired detectives go back to work. Slight comedy
Rebus – MacScottish. Gritty and good.
Silent Witness – recently gone woke but first 20 odd series might be worth a go.
Suspicions of Mr Whicher – Victorian set, slower paced.
Taggart – legendary Glasgow set series (LOTS of series of this)
Touching Evil – borderline horror mysteries
Touch of Frost – Old school detective
Van der Valk – couple of generations, one recent. UK series about an Amsterdam detective
Waking the Dead – shouty detective leads team in solving old murders
Wycliffe – Set in Cornwall (SW England. Rugged and beautiful) Slower paced mysteries
Zen – UK series about an Italian detective

I’m currently watching this Japanese show “The Man Who Won’t Get Married”.

OK so far.

2 thoughts on “CdO Recommends

  1. HUNTER I bet you have oft wondered ”what was the first MST3K ep did professorGBFM watch?”It was ”cave-dweelers” in ’95 of course!

    My first fave one too, followed later by ”tracks of the moon beast”,”future war”&joe don bakers”final justice”I also liked that ”pod people” one too with ”swamp thing vs. the sweet thing” scene,remember?😁😉😎

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    • I feel very fortunate that Space Mutiny was my first “experience”, but Johnny strongbow will always have a special place in my heart. Maybe we could do a cover of “California Lady” to help help raise funds for a sequel to The Final Sacrifice? Razdower lives!!!

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