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DefCon: Kamala

So, in a recent poll, more Republicans said they would stay and fight if the U.S. was attacked as Ukraine has been.

If Americans were in the same position as Ukrainians right now, more Republicans than Democrats would stay and fight, according to a poll released Monday. 

Of the Republicans surveyed in the Quinnipiac University Poll, 68% said they would stay and fight compared to 40% of Democrats. Among Democrats, 52% said they would flee the country, compared to 25% of Republicans. 

My question for those Republicans would be: Why?

WTF would you be fighting for? Transgender admirals? Forced injections of experimental gene therapies to profit Big Pharma without any legal protections for you? Indoctrination of children with globo-homo teachings? Grand theft of federal elections? Massive spying on citizens? Being over-whelmed by the massive waves of illegal immigration?

They only way I’d pick up a gun to fight invaders is knowing that if successful there would be a MASSIVE purge of the idiots and traitors that currently make up about 50% of the population and ~99% of government.

I am NOT going to fight to protect a government/corporation alliance that HATES me or a system that puts idiot-puppets like Biden and Harris “in charge”.