NATO Advisor Says Russians Are Inferior People

Ummm, I’d like to see her say that about any other ethnicity. She’d be in front of an EU human rights tribunal faster then you can say, “genocide”.

Gosh, makes you wonder why Russians think they have something to worry about when it comes to NATO expansion…

2 thoughts on “NATO Advisor Says Russians Are Inferior People

  1. Nothing is as it appears on the surface, and the rush to gild the gallant Ukraine is one more in a series of psyops adventures. There is much more to the events than we generally know; the details are out there but are suffocated by the blankets of propaganda. None of the aggression or the defense is any business of the US or NATO.

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  2. Wait. I thought Russians were diabolical, evil geniuses. Crafty, cunning master manipulators.

    It’s funny how, when they were Communists and Stalinists, Russia was the largest state of an “evil empire”.

    It’s funny how, when it was Yeltsin running things, Russia was just another country. When Putin was running things before Trump, Russia was just a kleptocracy full of dusty crusty KGB retreads and some bumbling young turks. When Trump was elected, the Russians are alleged to have meddled in our elections to get Trump elected. Because Hillary was going to be really tough on the Russians or something.

    Now, the Russians are “evil” again. I can’t keep it all straight.

    The people who are now demonizing Tsar Vlad I as an “evil madman” are the same people whose parents were sucking his cock when he was a young KGB agent. The people who now demonize Russia are descended from the very same people who were in bed with Sovet communists 35, 40, 50, 70 years ago.

    Can people please make up their minds?

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