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No, I wouldn’t expect her to cook, clean, look after the kids, or generally do much else at all. I’d expect her to look this hot at all times and fuck like a rabbit whenever I wanted. That is what she is offering so that would have to be the deal. Truth in advertising, y’all.


Educational Crash Course # 687 — Diogenes’ Middle Finger

Another Installment of Diogenes’ Public Service Educational Series:”English Lit. for the Lazy” 101Syllabus: Ultra-Short Versions of Classic Books You Should Have Read But Didn’t Because You Were To Stoned or Thought You Had Better Things to Do, Like Go Get Stoned.Abridged ClassicsNEXT IN SERIES: Trolling For Fun & Profit and  Make Lefties Shit Themselves.A Lecture by Elon MuskCLASS…

Educational Crash Course # 687 — Diogenes’ Middle Finger

I’d (Have) Vote(d) For Him

Looks like he was (and was the first) President of Indonesia from 1945-1967. Man, I bet those Russian babes were krasivaya!

Marriages and Divorces

While in Surabaya for high school, Sukarno lived with the Indonesian nationalist leader Tjokroaminoto. He fell in love with his landlord’s daughter Siti Oetari, who he married in 1920.

The following year, however, Sukarno went to study civil engineering at the Technical Institute in Bandung and fell in love again. This time, his partner was the boarding-house owner’s wife Inggit, who was 13 years older than Sukarno. They each divorced their spouses and married each other in 1923.

Inggit and Sukarno remained married for 20 years but never had children. Sukarno divorced her in 1943 and married a teenager named Fatmawati. She would bear Sukarno five children, including Indonesia’s first female president, Megawati Sukarnoputri.

In 1953, President Sukarno decided to become polygamous in accordance with Muslim law. When he married a Javanese woman named Hartini in 1954, First Lady Fatmawati was so angry that she moved out of the presidential palace. Over the next 16 years, Sukarno would take five additional wives: a Japanese teen named Naoko Nemoto (Indonesian name Ratna Dewi Sukarno), Kartini Manoppo, Yurike Sanger, Heldy Djafar, and Amelia do la Rama.


Civil War is over (if you want it) — SovietMen

I think everyone missed what happened. Throughout 2020, there was a general understanding that the US was headed for some sort of constitutional crisis. It has been building for years, especially since 2015, and it was ready to pop. Half the nation refused to accept the 2016 Presidential election result, believing it was rigged by […]

Civil War is over (if you want it) — SovietMen

The Left, like rust, never sleeps. So if there is a stalemate, it won’t last long.