5 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Skeletor

  1. HUNTER here comes another storm,you know ALAN OPENHEIMER (a.k.a.the mayor on MAMAS FAMILY from 84?-’90{3 whole appearences!}& a nazi on a HOGANS HEROES ep&MING the MERCILESS on the FLASH GORDON ’79-’82 toon!) a.k.a.the 1st voice of SKELETOR is still alive at age 92 ,YES?

    Even SHE-RA &HE-MAN(Who also played MORRIS the CATS voice&was on RAWHIDE in a minor role as teddy!) are still alive&their aged78&85 respectively!
    I still say the colorful action-villians made ’80’s toons the best toons ever on tv!

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