2 thoughts on “Financial Advice From Skeletor

  1. HUNTER (this becomes a bit technical of a comment further down),what about SKELETOR&BUMBLEBEE working together to further voice-acting in RL!?

    About 5 years ago I wanted to find ALL the video interviews I could of various voice-actors,BUT of course some guys like CHRIS LATTA-COLLINS a.k.a.COBRA COMMANDER=STARSCREAM had been dead( technichly from a cerebal hemmorage(Even though he had cancer for awhile, after being rushed to the hospitiol as I recall from the article), since feb’94(According to his wife in a long deleted from the net blog(I cannot find the blog post anymore since around 2010, article that detailed his life from his wife mainly& his stand-up comedy from voice-actress-director susan blu mainly (whom had many copies of hisvarious stand up appearences in the late’80’s&early’90’s that I originaly saw&printed on printer paper back around I think ’04 or was it ’07(Around that time period)!?BUT wikipedia&ALL others say june 12th?’94(You know he was roger, a prominient bald member of AL BUNDY’S NO’MAAM mens rights/anti-feminist group by ’93 eps of MARRIED WITH CHILDREN,yes?His daughter abigail collins is a voice-actress&his son has owned his own construction company since at least the time CC’s wife gave the details of his life to that blogger back then! If you want to see his his standard routine on yt,search for” Chris Latta (Original VA of Starscream, Mr Burns) on Evening at the Improv Stand Up Comedy”&you’ll see him introduced by WILLIAM SHATNER from june’91 on a A&E channel comedy show!Chris’ real father left him&his mother soon after his birth in ’49, later his mother remarried&they moved him to harlem,NY(Which played a bit part in his comedy act!) from new jersey !NOT harlem,GA like where OLIVER HARDY was from!

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    • The guy who does the voice for Archer and Bob from Bob’s Burger’s has an audiobook memoir on sale now at amazon. Sample sounds more like Bob than Archer to me so I’m not going to buy it. Hearing Archer narrate a classic James Bond novel while throwing in some of his own “professional” opinions would be a million-seller, me-thinks.

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