If Women’s Sports Are Important, Why Aren’t Women Fighting To Protect Them?

got your back ladies

Yes, a very, very few girls/women have said they’re unhappy about the fake-girls “ruining” women’s sports, but in general it’s been very quiet from the vast majority of them. Why is that? I have a couple of ideas:

  1. Women hate each other – We all know that’s true, so I’m not listening to any b.s. whining about it. Now, how does this contribute to the problem? Simple, the girls most affected competition-wise by the fake-girls taking all the trophies are the top girls who would have won otherwise. All the other girls on the team secretly (or not so secretly) are jealous of and/or hate the top girl/s. On the other hand, the bottom girl/s are also getting screwed over because they are no longer even getting a scholarship/spot on the team. The girls who were just there to fill out the roster are now sitting at home or watching from the stands.

2. Herd mentality – Why no general #Girlcotts (basically zero) of female sporting events being dominated by fake-girls? Because, once again, for the majority of the herd, it makes no difference. They are more than willing to go along with the virtue signaling because it costs them nothing and they get to post supportive hashtags on their social media accounts.

I think those are the two most salient issues here, but I could be wrong (HA HA HA).

Oh, I see there are some paragraph formatting issues. Fuck it.

6 thoughts on “If Women’s Sports Are Important, Why Aren’t Women Fighting To Protect Them?

  1. 3. Women are gullible and foolish and GENUINELY believe that fake girls are real girls.
    4. Women are selfish and think if men can get away with being fake girls, then real women can get away with literally anything.

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  2. They don’t. Not in the context in which they exist: which is playing-pretend to do the same activity for the same reason as men. Which is fallacy.

    The purpose of male interaction, of which sport plays the part of a battlefield without casualties, is rapid assessment of what works, what does not, feedback on how your prep stacks against the next guy’s prep.

    The purpose of female interaction, of which sport plays the part of a family without responsibilities, is to practice grace, being active, enjoying dress-up and foster collective feminine practices.

    A man who wins at all costs is celebrated. No one knows the names of male #2’s.
    A woman who is graceful in victory or defeat is celebrated. The Williams sisters are disgusting.

    Also: No. Yes. Yes. No.

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