5 thoughts on “Saturday Gingermageddon — Animal Magnetism

  1. I use to know this john lennon-looking guy named AJAX, named like the cleaning product,who would try to pick up women on park benchs with the line” do you
    like dudes with lotsa cockas?”

    He got arrested&kicked out of gangs alot back-in-the-day,HUNTER!
    P.S.I first saw the WARRIORS on my local FOX VHF station on a saturday afternoon around late ’93&I did’nt know it was called ”the warriors” until I got,I think cinemax (or something) free one weekend in early’99!
    Then afew years later WIZARD:the guide to your funnybooks, which I mainly only bought for articles on old artists like NEAL ADAMS(BATMAN,GREEN ARROW?),whom just died recently!)is talking about how cool the warriors are!
    Then places like GAMESTOP is selling the dvd(just released), used for alot of money(because of demand)!
    I thought it was’nt even that well-known&then everybody knew about it&was demanding the video game by ’04!
    Moral-of-the-story?Many people secretly love cool gang films from ’79,yes!?

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