2 thoughts on “Why Does 2006 Seem Like It Was MORE Than A Lifetime Ago?

  1. ”No tats. No Fatties. No weird hair or just plain weird persyns.

    2006 was heaven compared to today’s clown world.”

    Miss america-world 2006.
    Similar to this timeless advice on women,marriage&dating from a unknown poet&prophet in 2010,yes HUNTER?
    ”omg roissy(&HUNTER) i love you 2 death but u forgot some important steps!!! lozlzlzlzl

    For men:

    – Meet
    – If alpha, seduce. If beta, butter up.
    – Sex (butthex if you are tucker max–charlotte allen’s fav. alpha lzoolz)
    – If nothing in common, date for a few weeks (why not pump and dump if you’re an alpha)
    – If something in common, date for a few months (while you pay for everything)
    – If falling in love, date for a year (and a total idiot looking to get ass-raped by “love” lzozllz)
    – If willfully ignorant, marry (yeah ignorant & stupid too)
    – Pay for all her chochkies and car and room and board and cable as she gets fat and turns off sex to you while sleeping with her law boss so she can make partner.
    – Divorce (police-state raids your home and bank account lookig for evidence)
    – Get ass raped in divorce court
    – Get your children stolen from you and pay alimony and child support with which she fund alpha cock sessions
    – Start over, poorer but happily still in demand in prison where they love your butt lzozlzlzllzzlzllzlzlzlzlzlz!!!

    For women:

    – Be introduced through social circle
    – If man alpha, relinquish. go doggy style on the first date. If man beta, puppeteer and get him to buy you dinner before texting alpha cock at midnight lozlzllzz.
    – If nothing in common, one date (expensive meal) and done
    – If something in common, date for a few week$ ($$$$$$$ meals/concerts/weekend trips while banging alphas who are too alpha to pay)
    – Sex (once every month to keep the beta ATM machine kchingin)
    – If falling in love, dream of marriage (followed by anal rape of man’;s assetts so you can have funding to bang alphas which alphas are too alpha to provide)
    – If smart, marry (turn off sex to initiate divorce. hopefully he will get mad once as he knows you are banging your boss as he can see teh cum dripping and you can call teh police on him and use it as a record to rape his bank and shiznit lzozlzlz)
    – Divorce (anal rape his bank acocunt and futur retirement to fund alpha banging)
    – Start over, much, much richer but regrettably older, and use the al;imony to finally get that gym membership and a butt tuck and facelift and boob job so that former beta husband funds your cougar prowling. lozlzlzlzlzlz


    men–women view the act of dating as a sign of betatude, dude.

    dozens of men got it for free when it was younger/hotter/tighter/tighter/hotter/younger.

    we’re all lzozllzlzlzzlzlzing at you and so is she, ben bernanke, and the police state!

    2010 seems like a lifetime ago also now bro huh?

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