Rule Five Capitalism Friday — Animal Magnetism

The Mises Institute’s Lipton Matthews has some thoughts on whether capitalism is inherently racist.  Spoiler alert:  It isn’t.  Excerpt: Anticapitalist intellectuals have infused mainstream discourse with the idea that racial discrimination is baked into the DNA of capitalism. Usually, evidence of racial disparities in professional quarters is cited to buttress the narrative that capitalism is […]

Rule Five Capitalism Friday — Animal Magnetism

Some much better pictures at the link.

3 thoughts on “Rule Five Capitalism Friday — Animal Magnetism

  1. What about the federal reserve dude?
    Ever read (or remember) the roxing commenter MIKE from ROISSY in 2010 HUNTER?
    Here on june 1st 2010,he gently&intelligently defends GBFM’S thesis on the fedreserve&feminism,that then led to the eventual push of PUAGAME (for hopefuly, easier sex once the women became even more devalued,desouled&dismissive of the majority of men (because of the fedreserve&feminism,mainly).
    greatbooksformen is pure win.

    He’s the perfect marriage of Zero Hedge ( ) and Roissy.(SEE how the theorem of GBFM&ROISSY secretly in cahoots was already out in discussion by may 31st-june1st 2010,bro?)

    For those of you who are open-minded, consider:
    1. Feminism put women in the work force.
    2. This suppressed wages, since the work force essentially doubled overnight.

    Who did that benefit most? Men? Women? Or your corporate masters?

    3. Feminism led to easy divorce.
    4. Divorce leads to larger need for social services, since the children of single mothers are criminals.
    5. Court fees are also collected against men, with the courts serving as middleman.

    Who did that benefit most? Men? Women? Or your government masters?

    6. Free sex devalues the male influence on women.
    7. Feminine societies are more in need of government programs. (John Lott’s research has shown that as women vote, government grows.)
    8. Government programs involve contracts to private enterprise.

    Who does that benefit most? Men? Women? Or your corporate and government slave masters?

    We could go on all day.

    You might not like GBFM’s style, fuck you for questioning the content of his comments. His thesis is incredibly strong, and is supported by substantial evidence.

    If you’ve got a problem, make some counter-argument rather than gnashing your teeth and wailing like helpless betas.

    Lacking the ability to comprehend GBFM speaks poorly of you, not him.”(amen&double amen,I say!)
    lozlzlzl mike you rock lzozlzl

    thanks 4 da link 2 zerohedge


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