3 thoughts on “T.C.I.F. – Wake Up Edition

  1. HERES some more classic GBFM goodness HUNTER,for you&the above babe!
    First there was thisnon-CONAN the BARBARIAN barbaric&crude comment made by some dude, in response to someone else’s also barbaric&crude comment named other dude(Or something?).
    some dude on April 13, 2010 at 5:29 pm
    Other dude is right, but men will work hard to prevent other men from wielding this power. Mesmer, a charismatic alpha male in pre-revolutionary France, once Queen Marie Antoinette got too interested in his treatment, was investigated and eventually discredited by Lavoisier and Ben Franklin (an alpha if ever there was one). Rasputin, a mega-alpha in pre-revolutionary Russia, had a similar ability to send the wives of the nobility into orgasmic fits, and when Czarina Alexandra got too interested in him his male enemies knew that the Czar would not object to their removing him from the scene.

    In modern America, a man who knows the secrets of the big O(Even if he be NOT CONAN the BARBARIAN(I know I speak barbaricaly&crude) can achieve a great deal of *cultural* power especially if he has something to interest men as well as women (Hefner, Sinatra). Bill Clinton’s game was a small factor in his being elected in the first place, but entirely responsible for his surviving impeachment (if the feminists had turned against him he would have been toast, but he made them his bitches). Though one could argue that this was not specifically about orgasms, since he didn’t actually send them into physical ecstasy like Mesmer and Rasputin did. To rule society via female orgasms as other dude suggested might still be possible, though it would require someone with a combination of the best qualities of Justin Timberlake, Howard Stern, and Silvio Berlusconi.”

    ALSO:The response from a true statesmen of the MANospherean republic& a well-known poet&prophet if there ever was.
    ”greatbooksformen on April 13, 2010 at 6:03 pm
    think about it…

    from the time they are getting their periord, women are told to seek orgasms and sexual pleasure and given condoms and lessons and things

    they are not taught to

    serve a family
    serve a husband
    serve children
    serve faith
    serve ideals
    serve honor

    they are taught to get a job serving the boss and the bottom line while seeking sexual pleasure and orgasmssmsmsmsmsms.

    ergo american women are not marriageable as they have been highjacked and desouled by the fed to rape men for tehir assets.

    one look into the pages of cosmo would have let all you in on this olzlzlz.”

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