Two for Tuesday – Cosplay Edition

No idea who this is supposed to be

I’m not a big cosplay fan. I understand that it takes more effort to put one of these costumes together than just throwing on a bikini or a frilly bra and panties set, but you’re still just getting the same girl when she takes the outfit, whatever it might be, off. She’s not anything special, just another version of your typical wet t-shirt pic girl with a bigger fashion budget.

6 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday – Cosplay Edition

  1. HUNTER,I only thought it was suppose to be ZELDA,because it looks like some kind of version of the TRIFORCE or the HOJO family crest(or mon) in japan is on her bikini bottom in the top front,SEE below?

    ”As infamous as Zelda’s Triforce is in gaming, in Japan, the Triforce is even more ubiquitous than one would expect. It inhabits unexpected places, such a haka (family gravestone), or the logo of an energy company called Mitsuuroko. In an episode of One Piece’s Wano arc, the Triforce can be seen upon the sail of a ship, among many other sails depicting samurai family crests. Indeed, the Triforce began as the family crest, or mon, of the Hojo family.”

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