Animal’s Hump Day News — Animal Magnetism

Happy Hump Day! One of the interesting summer visitors to the Great Land is the Varied Thrush (Ixoreus naevius), a relative of the more common American Robin who also hits up our area for summer feeding & breeding. But while the robins sing loudly and melodiously from the tops of trees, and hunt insects and […]

Animal’s Hump Day News — Animal Magnetism

Supremes rule that immigrants are not Citizens: Sort of —

Yesterday the Supreme court announces a decision that illegal aliens awaiting deportation have zero rights. None. They are not entitled to hearings, appeals, bail, release, or safe conduct. They can be held indefinitely or pushed back across the nearest border at the point of a bayonet. ZERO constitutional protections. The constitution is for Americans. The […]

Supremes rule that immigrants are not Citizens: Sort of —

Other than basic decent treatment while here, we, the citizens of this country, don’t owe anything to the immi-vaders.