Monumental Courage


What is it that defines courage, who possesses it, and how should it be memorialized? In recent years we have seen a spate of secular iconoclasm as various monuments to historical figures across the country have been defaced, torn down and demolished. Initially the excuse given by and for the vandals was that the monuments in question had been raised to men who engaged in rebellion against the United States and supported slavery, and thus they should never have been memorialized to begin with. As the destruction was allowed to proceed unchecked by legal authorities, however, soon monuments to the founding fathers of the U.S. were targeted, ostensibly due to owning slaves. Still finding no opposition to their destruction, the mob moved on like unruly young children seeking their parents’ boundaries. Monuments to Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, which had been commissioned and paid for by freed slaves were targeted…

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The Phone Isn’t The Problem; Social Media Is The Problem

I have a smart phone and it doesn’t cause me any “problems” because I’m not on social media. I listen to music. I read or listen to books. I can take pictures when I want to. I use the clock app to set alarms and the calendar to keep appts. It’s a good tool. Sure I could do without all the spying, but that ain’t going away.

Soicial media is a plague on out society. Treat it as such.