6 thoughts on “Our Brown-eyed Girl Can Sing

  1. Remember her reaction to JUDGE REINHOLDS self-love?
    I hear FB was similarly shocked by gina-pats self-love in the shower also( this was before she gently told him about it to his obvious dismay)when he ”accidently” saw her applying self-love to herself, in the shower like PHOEBE did with JUDGE that time!😉😁👍😎

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  2. Phoebe Cates became kind of a traditional woman after getting married to Kevin Kline, an A-list actor 16 years her senior. She married him in 1989 at age 26 with a rising career. She had a couple of kids and mostly retired from acting to raise her and Kline’s children. Typical traditional family in a way: Kline worked as an actor and director; Cates (now known as Phoebe Kline) stayed home to take care of her kids. She dabbled in a boutique and has done a little bit of acting from time to time, but otherwise is a wife and mother.

    Another couple of actresses who did this were Meg Tilly and Louise Fletcher.

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