The Phone Isn’t The Problem; Social Media Is The Problem

I have a smart phone and it doesn’t cause me any “problems” because I’m not on social media. I listen to music. I read or listen to books. I can take pictures when I want to. I use the clock app to set alarms and the calendar to keep appts. It’s a good tool. Sure I could do without all the spying, but that ain’t going away.

Soicial media is a plague on out society. Treat it as such.

3 thoughts on “The Phone Isn’t The Problem; Social Media Is The Problem

  1. I agree, but for reference.

    The Authorities seem to want to see your “social media”. Have you had the opportunity to deal with the reaction to, “Ain’t got none”? I have been able to side-step that issue, but it seems inevitable now.

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  2. Social media is to women, what hardcore pornography is to men. Just as men build civilization, women tear it down.

    Purism OS. Pinephone. Graphene OS. There are options out there for ‘secure’ phones. What intelligence agencies care most about are your 1. network and 2. location/movement. Both of these will be had via SIM tracking calls and pings from towers, regardless of your keeping the SIM anonymous, or the phone not having tracker features.

    You would need to make calls / texts anonymously, using p2p end-user encryption, never from your home location, and turn off the device (cut all power) when not in use.

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