4 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday

  1. She might be thinking are they going to age-restrict O.C.R.ONECOCRULEBETASBUTTHEX EMPOREDLYRICSBYDAGBFM
    on YT or even that DailyMotion version!?
    I’ve been listening to a lot of KANES’ 1st &2nd solo albums from’87&’91 again lately HUNTER!

    That one seems related to the MANosphere& isn’t age-restricted yet bro!
    SEE how he’s on the lam from the yt/google police too like we all seem to be now!?

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  2. No.

    * I realize this may be a difficult assessment to understand. In a rare display of charity, I am offering an explanation.

    Look at the hips. The shoulders are broad with inhumanly small waist, long torso and .. zero hips. This is a boy’ish skeleton. Either that, or the photo has been shopped. In which case, would be a no. So a no, regardless. Lastly, the amount of make-up, the assuredly bolt-ons (the left boob in particular looks suspect for even being real), and the dyed hair all point to decisions made by the individual, genetics notwithstanding.

    And now you see it all too. You are welcome. Discernment should not be mine to bear alone. Enjoy.

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    • Wha’choo’talkin’bout Willis?
      Her narrow waist flares out to her wider hips quite nicely. She definitely has wider hips than waist.
      Healthy weight, young, and long hair, so she attractive. Yes, it would be better if her hair was not artificially colored. She has a nice smile. For this immoral culture, she has a very high-value appearance.

      I won’t comment on whether her breasts are real/fake as I lack sufficient information; I’ll defer to your expertise.

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