NPR Being NPR — Garvey’s Ghost: Black Talk

NPR is a propaganda organization that is funded (at least in part) by the US government.  Of course this means they are trash when it comes to covering politics that isn’t left. Witness some of the new nonsense.Through a wave of pandemic-related litigation, a trio of small but mighty conservative legal blocs has rolled back…

NPR Being NPR — Garvey’s Ghost: Black Talk

The Ghost is correct on all counts here.


Conan banged a bunch of dancing girls/tavern-based whores. But he knew some very talented witch doctors who could banish any STD-related demons that could be invoked.

No idea what the “challenge” is about. Maybe using the most annoying music they can find?

Real Women Don’t Need “Abs”

See this ad around a lot.

What is that “magical” brown powder? Is it heroin?

Kind of looks like heroin to me.

Anywho, women don’t look good with abs like that. They look like weird wanna-be men and we already have an overabundance of those freaks.

Women should look like women: