Nobody Out-Simps IT Simps

Here’s a mediocre-looking blonde girl slowly explaining some basic CSS coding.

Takes her 20 minutes to get to the code editor in a video that’s just 100 minutes long. She also changes her outfit and hairstyle 3 times in that 100 minutes. Seriously, she comes back after a “quick break” with a new hair style, new outfit and filming in a different location. There’s a jarring jump cut edit every 20 seconds. I had to speed it up to 1.25 get through the thing, but of course IT dweebs are loving her in the comments.

Here’s Tim explaining basically everything she covers in about the first 15 minutes of his video.

I do think the girl can code the things she’s talking about, but she’s not good at presenting the material.

7 thoughts on “Nobody Out-Simps IT Simps

  1. ”I do think the girl can do the things she’s singing about, but she’s not good at presenting the goods as she opps! all over the place dudes.”

    BUT HUNTER she admits it’s typically how she rolls&she got lost in the GAME, plus she did it again, so ‘it’s ALL good’ as FB always says, bro!

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  3. People still do this?
    I did that like a hundred years ago. Now I use BootStrap Studio or Pingendo. You can fiddle with the coding with them, but it’s easier to set styles visually then go back and fine tune.
    And FWIW, I found Visual Studio (second video) horrible and not intuitive whatsoever.

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    • I don’t do web design, but I’ would have thought they’d have come along ways from hand-coding everything.

      Do you have an IDE you do like? Again I don’t code that much, just hobby stuff, but VS seems as good as any other for me at this point.


      • I don’t swim in that pool any longer. Last one I used, other than Visual Studio was Borland c++.

        Almost all I do is in web – Nearly all is eLearning, so I’m using Articulate or Captivate. If I have to do any coding it’ll be in javascript or SQL, which is very, very rare. 9 times out of 10 I can find someone who has already walked that path and put the code up to share.

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  4. Pass*

    * A new category for 2022! Now added to our repertoire of Yes / No / Insufficient Information, we have added Pass for an option that might otherwise be a Yes, but for various reasons is a No, still acceptable for the next fellow man with zero associated guilty or judgement.

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