2 thoughts on “Saturday Gingermageddon — Animal Magnetism

  1. Nice babe.
    The parallels between myself, GBFM&GOJIRA keep coming HUNTER!
    esurrection of Godzilla (ゴジラの復活 Gojira no Fukkatsu) may refer to:

    ”King of Monsters: Resurrection of Godzilla, a proposed 1977 revival to the Godzilla series.
    An unmade Godzilla film proposed by Tomoyuki Tanaka in 1980, which featured Godzilla battling a shape-shifting kaiju called Bagan with three forms.
    The more well-known 1983 draft by Shuichi Nagahara and Akira Murao which was very similar to the 1980 version, though with a major difference being that Bagan has a fourth and final form known widely as “Totem Bagan.””
    All that reminds me of my own life,I was actually thinking of resurrecting GBFM(who hadn’t been heard from since that past April& he also takes on the many various forms of history’s GREATEST MEN) in late’19 BUT got sidetracked &before I knew it DAL’rock quit in jan ’20.
    Then all the covid stuff broke loose on the cable tv news(that kept showing the toilet paper runs in NY state walmarts(remember that?) happened over the February 29-march 1st weekend as I was getting a heat ablation in the hospitol&it wasn’t until October of that year I finally contacted DEREK which lead to my ”rediscovering ”of the manosphere again and eventually coming here to beautiful WHORES AND ALE boulevard bro!

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