Smoking Hot Chicks Are Smoking Hot


I know you come here for the pics I steal from other blogs who work hard to provide nice pics for me to steal, but just this once I’d like to throw in a little something extra of the opinion variety.

That being that the truth is important. Both knowing the truth and to some extent protecting the truth from attack. It’s important in order to live your best life. “Smoking hot chicks are smoking hot” is a truth that is obvious enough, but like a lot of others truths it comes under constant attack from the forces of evil. “Boys have penis, girls have a vagina” is another one.

Luckily enough, for most men at least, we can often recognize the truth of an issue without too much trouble and it’s takes real effort to believe in something that your “gut” tells you is obviously wrong or stupid. Who does that? Broken people do that. Don’t be a broken person.

If anyone tells starts trying to hypnotize you with lies and you need a mental anchor point to help fend off their sorcery just keep repeating, “Smoking hot chicks are smoking hot” until they go away. You could also tell them to STFU and GTFO depending on the circumstances.

Be well.

Animal’s Hump Day News — Animal Magnetism

Happy Hump Day!Spring seems to be (finally) coming to the Great Land.  After weeks of prevailing winds blowing out from south-central Alaska into Cook Inlet, dragging cold air down from above the Arctic Circle, the last few days have finally dawned warmer.  By the weekend we should have temps in the low fifties and sunshine.…

Animal’s Hump Day News — Animal Magnetism

Now that is a fabulous backside. Toned but not muscular. No disgusting giant butt. Arms and legs pleasingly lithe.

Yeah, for Blondie!

Whatever They Want, Whenever They Want It

But it’s true: according to our survey, 84% of working women told ForbesWoman and TheBump that staying home to raise children is a financial luxury they aspire to.What’s more, more than one in three (women) resent their partner for not earning enough to make that dream a reality.

Ann Marie Slaughter worded the demands placed on working women beautifully this year in her Atlantic essay “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All.” The myths of the happy, “have-it-all” working woman are not necessarily lies, she writes, “but at best partial truths.” No matter how hard we try or who we marry, having kids while simultaneously to achieve career success sucks.  (Unless you’re Sheryl Sandberg, but I’m not even buying that one).

Carley Roney, the editor-in-chief of (and my partner-in-crime on this survey) says she isn’t surprised that women are opting out, given the pressure they face to achieve perfection in all things. “I think it’s all tied up in this Super Woman complex that we have,” she says, “When you’re at work, you’re not giving enough time to the kids, when you’re at home, you’re not giving 100% to the office. Something’s got to give.” It’s no wonder then that the dream of many women is to leave work to raise children while maintaining their standard of living.

But while our survey suggests that working women believe staying at home would be a luxury, Roney points out that the economy could be keeping their dreams from taking off. “It’s especially crippling to see women’s sense that, if it weren’t for the economy,” they might be able to realize these dreams.”

As one (working) mom of two told me, she may dream of leaving work to take care of her kids, but the (financial) reality of it is not so ideal. “Sure, if my husband made so much money that I could spend time with the kids, still afford great vacations and maybe the occasional baby sitter to take a class or go out with friends, I’d be the first to sign up,” she said. “So maybe while it’s a luxury I do think about, it’s not one I would want unless it was actually luxurious. I don’t want to be a stay at home mom who clips coupons or plans her weekly menu to make ends meet… If that’s the case, I’d gladly go on working to avoid that fate.”

Interestingly enough, most stay at home moms polled were not so quick to describe their “at-home” status as a dream. Of that group only 66% say the ability to stop working to raise children is a financial luxury for their families, and it shows: nearly 80% told us they spend less than $100 on themselves each month. A more concerning stat than the fact that eight out of 10 women barely spend enough to cover a trip to the salon every month? That money’s still an issue: 44% of stay at home mothers say their partners make them feel as if they are not pulling their financial weight. Would they be better off in the workforce? It’s possible; roughly 20% feel they’d be happier if they worked outside the home.

What seems like a “grass is greener” mentality between working and at-home moms is what Morgan-Steiner and Roney agree is the very basis of the Mommy Wars. “What every mom wants is time with her kids, financial security and a sense of identity,” says Morgan Steiner. “When you feel like you don’t have enough of any of those things and you see a woman who has made different choices than you, it’s easy to point fingers. We’re all looking for “having it all” in our own lives and not finding it… And that’s the moment when we start thinking it’s better on the other side of the fence.”

All of society must be re-organized so that women can do whatever they want, have whatever they want, be whatever they want all the time without any exceptions or limitations.

h/t Nikolai at SovietMen

If 17 Federal Programs to Target The Problem Can’t Do It, Surely The 18th Will

That’s just what we’ve had up to now. By my count there are seventeen of these things. And yes, according to DeParle (and apparently the Biden administration), that incredible profusion of programs has been leaving some 10+% of Americans “lacking enough to eat.” If that’s true, it would seem to be one of the most incredible bureaucratic disasters in human history. Shouldn’t all the people involved get fired for rank incompetence? How is it even possible to fail so completely with so many resources at hand?

In any rational organization, the next step would be to hold the current people accountable, and restructure the existing services to use the resources at hand to actually accomplish the mission. But then, this is the government, and that’s not how it’s done. Abject failure is the basis to go back and double down with massive new spending given to the same incompetent bureaucrats so that they can continue to fail. So now, DeParle reports, the Biden administration will embark on a vast new “effort to rush more food assistance to more people” that is “notable both for the scale of its ambition and the variety of its legislative and administrative actions.” Among the new and expanded initiatives will be “increas[ing] food stamps by more than $1 billion a month, provid[ing] needy children a dollar a day for snacks, expand[ing] a produce allowance for pregnant women and children, and authoriz[ing] the largest children’s summer feeding program in history.”

Let’s get a comment from some left-wing advocate of these things:

“We haven’t seen an expansion of food assistance of this magnitude since the founding of the modern food stamp program in 1977,” said James P. Ziliak, an economist at the University of Kentucky who studies nutrition programs. “It’s a profound change.”

Of course a UK lefty prof covers the institution in glory. Again.

Really good post. How can any rational person be a Big Government proponent when every bit of evidence in history shows that BigGov totally fails people every time? Obviously, rational people can’t and aren’t.

h/t Nikolai at SovietMen

I Feel Safer Knowing She Can’t Hit Our Own Troops

“You know, I’ve told my daughters, granddaughters from the time they got old enough to understand what I was saying — and I mean it: There’s not a single thing a man can do that a woman can’t do as well or better.  Not a single thing.”

Joe Biden, Puddinghead of the United States

h/t Farm Boy at SpawnySpace