Female Law Partner Is All Business about #MeToo

The corporate climb: women locked out of old boys’ club in misguided Me Too backlash

You can tell she’s all business, I mean law-ness by how she wants to be photographed for this serious issue. Is she sitting behind her desk looking professional or standing in front of a shelf of law books with her arms crossed? Nope, it’s Glamour Shots time.

Sunira Chaudhri, a lawyer partner at Levitt LLP poses for a photograph at her office in Toronto on Monday, July 30, 2018. Toronto employment lawyer Sunira Chaudhri has fielded an increasing number of calls from her corporate clients worried about sexual harassment in their workplace — mostly from those wondering whether they need to change policies around co-ed one-on-one meetings, mentorship, office parties, business trips and dinners.Nathan Denette / THE CANADIAN PRESS




It’s Ok To Be A Frogman


They are everywhere, these Frogmen Nationalists with their sinister hand sign suggesting, “It is OK to be a Frogman.” Viewers are advised to remain calm but to report any and all sightings to the Coast Guard and/or Strategic Air Command. Likely causes include climate change and Trump.

Some of my best friends are frogmen, just kidding, we’re hill people. Ma wouldn’t let us talk to no lake-bottom frog-folk. Even so, some of them gals were awful pretty.

No front-hole, but the top-hole works good enough.

The 3 Great Untruths of Modern Education


The root of the problem, argue Lukianoff and Haidt, is that parents, teachers, professors and college administrators have been leading young people to believe Three Great Untruths.

The first of those is, as they call it, the Untruth of Fragility. That is the idea that what doesn’t kill you makes you weaker, and therefore young people must be protected against everything from a stray peanut to hearing any “hateful” ideas. Drawing an analogy to the human immune system, which can’t develop unless it occasionally has something to fight against, the authors say that trying to shield students against stressful ideas results in their weakness and anxiety. And when students haven’t learned to cope with ideological adversity, they’re apt to retreat into “safe spaces” or lash out with anger or even violence.

The second great untruth is that you should trust and follow your emotions. Emotions frequently get in the way of sound reasoning, but young people are often told that because theyfeel that something is true, then it really is true. Therefore, if you feel that someone has committed a “microaggression” against you, then he has. You need not weigh the matter, asking if you might have misunderstood the person or are judging too hastily. Just follow your emotions and fight back.

And third is the Us Versus Them Untruth—the erroneous view that the world is divided into good people and evil people. You need to side with the Good and battle the Evil. Once that mentality soaks in, there is no need for dialogue or debate since everything the other side might say will be lies and propaganda. Consequently, we see a tribal mindset emerging in some young people that reduces everything to the black and white.

I’d summarize them thusly:

  1. You are constantly under assault and must protect yourselves against the “bad ideas”. We, the educators, will tell you what the “bad ideas” are.
  2. Feeling is superior to thinking. Do what feels right for you in the moment. Thinking is dangerous.
  3. All interactions are Oppressor vs. Oppressed. If you are white (and especially a white male) you are the oppressor. Everyone else is a victim.

No Bikinis = No Ratings


The number of viewers who tuned in to the ABC’s screening of the beauty competition plummeted 36 percent in ratings compared to last year – which was already a record-low performance. Last year’s beauty contest also squared off against the first Sunday of the NFL regular season – but at least there were supple young ladies wearing bikinis back then.

In a bow to the #MeToo phenomenon, the Miss America Organization announced in June that it was eliminating the swimsuit portion of the event as well as tweaking the evening gown section – declaring that candidates “will no longer be judged on outward physical appearance.”

The swimsuit portion WAS the pageant and vice-versa. No swimsuits, no pageant, dumbasses.

I didn’t know Miss America was even going to be on, but then I don’t watch TV much so no surprise.

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