“It’s (Macroeconomics) no better than astrology.”


The further I get, the more I realize macroeconomics is a combination of voodoo complex systems and politics. You can find macroeconomists that take every side of every argument. I think that discipline, because it doesn’t make falsifiable predictions, which is the hallmark of science, because it doesn’t make falsifiable predictions, it’s become corrupted.

You see, this guy gets it. Economists make shit up just like psychologists.


Oh, So You’re An Idiot Too…


Noah: The most important thing we need to be spending more money on is the transition to green energy. Ocasio-Cortez has laid out an ambitious plan to replace most fossil-fuel energy with carbon-free sources by 2030, called the Green New Deal. Upgrading the electrical grid to compensate for the intermittency of solar and wind, building electric vehicle charging stations, decommissioning coal plants and replacing them with wind and solar — it will all require a lot of money and resources. But in the end it’ll be worth it, not just for fighting climate change but for the country’s technological and infrastructure future. That seems like something that Tyler would endorse, given the focus on growth, technology, and environmental protection in his new book, “Stubborn Attachments.” So that’s what we need to be raising tax revenues in order to fund.

Most “economists” really do seem to be tin-plated morons, and yet they hold incredible influence on public policy in this country and others.

Flossing Causes Testicular Cancer


Flossing with Oral B Glide is linked to the toxic build-up of cancer-causing chemicals in the body, research suggests.

Scientists found using the go-to brand as part of your oral-health regimen is associated with a higher level of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) chemicals in the bloodstream.

PFAS – which are added to everything from non-stick pans and carpets for their grease-resistant properties – have been linked to kidney and testicular cancer, as well as reduced semen quality and inflammatory bowel disease.

Well, because EVERYTHING gives you cancer now. Seriously, I use this fucking brand everyday. FUCK!!! I just bought 2 more packs last weekend and my kids brought some home from the dentist this week.

Next they’re going to tell me there’s a problem with my RADIUM brand toothbrush.

Another Elizabeth Holmes In The Making???




Be Wary of This Test

There is a notable new testing effort afoot. It’s called Imbellus, an assessment project that has raised millions in investment capital and whose founder Rebecca Kantar recently earned a gushing profile in Forbes.

Here is a video of Ms. Kantar, a Harvard dropout (that experience features strongly in the publicity for Imbellus), who says of herself at the start, “I’ve always been someone who hated school . . .”

She has big ambitions, aiming to replace all college admissions tests—SAT, ACT, and AP—with her own assessments “that get at deeper thinking skills.” If she succeeds, she says, “high schools should be free to teach things that are relevant, practical, and interesting to their students.”

Verum, bonum, pulchrim–they come from the Sermon on the Mount, Bernini’s Daphne, and Dimmesdale’s torment, but the Imbellus test doesn’t push in that direction. It can’t, because as soon as students started reading the Grand Inquisitor and watching Grand Illusion and studying Marx on commodity fetishism, they would realize just how impoverished is the “skills” conception of the human person.

This is Silicon Valley culture at work, which levels human endeavor to productivity and innovation. Parents and humanities teachers should resist the Imbellus project and all others that reduce learning to functional behavior, tradition to irrelevance.

Another (somewhat) pretty little idiot to fuck up things being pushed by the same types who pushed that fraud Holmes on us. Well, at least she’s not faking medical test results.

Watch the video, it’s all buzzwords and no thought. She’s pushing a complete fantasy, and what’s worse it’s completely OBVIOUS that’s its bullshit to any reasonable person.