In the eye of the beholder…


No generally, I’m not into very large breasts, but there’s always that outlier…


What if hot chicks only make up 5-10% of the female population?

Well, the normal January deluge of middle-aged women at the gym as already subsided for the most part from what I can tell. Its been real cold though, so maybe that’s what kept them from coming in. Anyway, I thought I’d just remark a little on what’s actually been apparent to me for quite a few years.

We’ve known for a while now that there is a real obesity epidemic in the U.S. and the rest of the Western world and that its been getting worse for close to 40 years now. Thing is though, that it’s hit women much harder than men, and that makes a very lopsided sexual market. If you looking around the gym I go to in the 3p-5p weekday afternoon window, you’ll be likely to see a handful of quite attractive girls, but they’ll all be less than 30 yo, with most being in the 16-22 yo range. The vast majority of the rest of the females will look like the women in the picture above (excluding second from right back row. looks decent from here).  Dumpy, frumpy women with bad haircuts and sloppy attire.

For every decently fit woman (let’s say a 6) over 30 at the gym, there’s likely to be 5 guys there who’d be her masculine equivalent in physical attractiveness.

For each one of these (~7):


There’s 3 guys who match her SMV. Which most likely means, that at least in my neck of the woods, that some fairly attractive guys are being left to cuddle with women significantly below their own level of physical attractiveness. It’s often said at red pill blogs that the top 20% of men are getting all the hot chicks, but what if hot chicks only make up 5-10% of the available women, at least for over 30?

Sex-bots can’t get here fast enough.

Bloat — Splendid Isolation

As one who succumbed to the so-called “middle-age spread” long before I actually reached middle age, one would think that I have little room [sic] to talk about bloating. But I can, because I’m not talking about people here, but cars. Let me get this right out of the way first: I don’t like big…

via Bloat — Splendid Isolation

I’ll take one of each, thanks. Seriously.

I don’t happen to share Kim’s affections for small cars, though. They may have worked great for the tiny European streets they were meant to navigate, and at the relatively slow speeds they’d have to move at considering they were powered with vacuum cleaner motors, but that shit don’t work in the big ole U.S. of A. Which is not to say that I like the titanic monstrosities we too often see on American roads. Stupid and 99% mostly useless.

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings — Splendid Isolation

So (via a link sent to me by my Reader Brad) a local choirboy sees an old codger working in his garage and decides it’s time for a little undocumented wealth redistribution. He breaks in through the window and threatens said old codger, demanding money. Having no sense of humor about this kind of thing…

via Dept. Of Righteous Shootings — Splendid Isolation

Obama’s DOJ would be pressing some kind of charge against the guy, just because they can’t stand the 2nd Amendment mojo this kind of thing stirs up.

This Chick does not have “It”

I’ve been watching a lot of X-Factor  and ” ________’s Got Talent” video clips on the Goolagtube, and am kind of amazed at how many people there are with real singing or other genuine performing talents. The entertainment industry expends a lot of effort trying to get you to believe that what they’re selling is the greatest shit available. Not even remotely true. Take this girl. I guess maybe she’s some kind of famous in Europe, but I’d never heard of her until today. I find her singing and dancing merely adequate. She could work at Whores and Ale and do well enough, but as far as being a real talent, meh.