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This channel is gonna be much better than Zip Recruiter for us here at W&A.

The Power of Ignorance – Clueless College Kids Get Clued In On Medicare For All

Via Campus Reform

via College students meet reality — The Daley Gator

So all the kids are in favor of Medicare For All before hearing some facts about it. That is the power of ignorance and why the media and the educational system work so hard to keep people ignorant.

Actual Christians Think It’s Actually Funny


As the Scottsdale Scorpions left fielder knelt in the batter’s box, he spat on the ground and began rubbing the spittle into the dirt. He then stood and faced the umpire, holding the paste in his hands, and asked him to remove his mask.

Patterson hesitantly removed his mask, and Tebow immediately rubbed the substance into his eyes. Witnesses report that Patterson raised his eyelids and small scales fell to the ground.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he told reporters. “Suddenly, my vision was so sharp, so clear. I don’t think anyone complained about a call the rest of the game.”

“When he called strike three on a ball that was clearly down and away, I knew he must be suffering from vision loss,” said Tebow. “Rather than argue the terrible call, I felt the Lord leading me to heal this man’s malady.”

When the game was over, each of the field umpires approached Tebow to ask if he could do the same for them, sources confirmed.

Pink-haired, Twitter-rage-heads could learn a lesson about being overly sensitive, but they NEVER learn , since that’s not who they are.

More Women in Positions of Power Please!


According to an investigation by the Kentucky Judicial Conduct Commission, she flirted with attorneys over Snapchat, put pressure on them to sleep with her and, in one case, asked a female attorney to join her in a threesome with her former church pastor turned lover.

On one occasion, she and the former pastor are said to have had a threesome with her secretary.

Gentry serves as a family court judge for Kenton County which is south of the Kentucky-Ohio state line near Cincinnati.

Oh, wait. No, the complete opposite would be better. Much better.

Hope all those “Repeal the 19th” t-shirts I ordered for Christmas presents get here in time.

So, How Good Are Korean Plastic Surgeons?

Really, really, REALLY GOOD!

Damn, that is some first rate trickery! I remember hearing about a guy a while back in China who was able to divorce his wife on the grounds of fraud when their baby was born and was one ugly-ass baby. The wife had had plastic surgery and been transformed from ogre to princess. I didn’t see any pics back then, but I sure could believe it now.


Images stolen from a comment a Steve Sailer’s site.


Rule Five Climate Apocalypse Friday — Animal Magnetism

I stumbled across this last week, read it a couple of times to digest it properly, and found it interesting. In short, if puts the boots to many of the arguments of the climate-apocalypse doom-criers. Excerpts, with my comments: First, no credible scientific body has ever said climate change threatens the collapse of civilization much […]

via Rule Five Climate Apocalypse Friday — Animal Magnetism

Climate Change is a scam. Actually its worse than a scam, its a power grab based on lies.