Female movie stars used to be beautiful


Jenny Agutter may have been my first real movie star crush, and I think its pretty obvious how that could happen. Even with shorter hair, she’s a true beauty.



Here’s a modern Jenny, who happens to be a much, much bigger “star” than my crush ever was.


Ugh, she looks like a mannequin that’s been re-painted too many times. But, dang if she doesn’t actually look much better dipped in blue paint.


Here’s Shailene Woodley, “star” of the Divergent movies:Shailene-Woodley-2016-InStyle-Awards-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Sophie-Theallet-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-3 Blech.

Dakota Johnson is complete blank spot when she’s in a movie. She’s the daughter of two mid-list stars of 30 years ago, but has no discernible talents of her own. She’s a total 5. Not ugly, but not cute either.


Here she looks “sensational” according to the Daily Mail:
DK_ bleah

Why are these bland, nothings “stars” in modern Hollywood? Their acting stinks and their looks are mediocre at best.

I’ll leave you to ponder that question while gazing on two more of my favorites from the golden days of tinseltown, Jean Simmons and Gene Tierney:


Suck it, modern Hollywood.

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