Terrible advice, freely given, is still terrible advice


Steps to turn your wife from a feminist into a traditional woman

1. Stop being a feminist yourself

It is not only women who are indoctrinated into feminism. Men are as well. For example, some men want women to ask them out on dates or to initiate sex. …

Men aren’t feminists; manginas are. Men don’t mind hot chicks approaching them for sex, but men are in control at all times.

2. Don’t complain—ever

The only woman on earth who felt truly sorry for your woes was your mother. …

True that. Mom loves you with a mother’s love. No woman is gonna come close. Women don’t want to hear complaints, so if something not the way you like it ( say maybe your woman) then fix it or get rid of it.

3. Take the lead

Feminists teach that there must be perfect equality in a marriage. Men and women are supposed to come to an agreement on everything. If they can’t agree, they are to just go about their lives separately. I found in my own marriage that women hate to have an equal say on everything. They want their man to be decisive. That doesn’t mean you don’t take your wife’s input, it is just that you make the final decision. …

Yeah, women want you to decisively do what they want you to do most of the time. Real leading means doing your own thing, she can come along or not. Suit yourself. If she’s really spouting all these equality stuff openly, don’t fucking marry her.

4. Bear the burden

Part of the feminist narrative is that women have the worse end of the stick. Men supposedly have it easy. If you want to reverse this dynamic, you are going to have to lead by example. Outwork your wife and, where possible, make her burden lighter.

FUCK THAT NOISE! She either pitches in to do her share (whatever YOU decide that is) or you throw her over the side. Choreplay? For realz? Looooser.

5. Give your wife children

A man’s natural role is to be a husband and father. A woman’s natural role is to be a wife and mother. Bringing a child into this world radically re-orients our lives in a more traditional direction. By itself, it does not eliminate feminist indoctrination but any woman who is a mother knows that there are things that are more important than becoming the next Facebook executive.

Having children is not possible for everyone, but if you and your wife are able, I recommend it.

Unless you are planning to have children there is NO REASON to marry a woman. Unless maybe she’s very fucking rich and you are gonna be able to bang some bitches and get some shorties on the side.

6. Let your wife be a stay at home mom

It is the man’s job to provide. It is the woman’s job to nurture her family. Of course, this is possible with a woman working 40 hours per week, it makes it more difficult. The woman’s loyalties are divided. She must please her boss in addition to being a wife to her husband and mother to her children.

Unless you find a unicorn that can actually cook and clean, and would be able to home-school your kids in a effective manner this is a pipe dream. Most women can’t “nuture” for shit these days, anyway. She can stay home until they’re old enough for schooling. Your best bet is to get her a work schedule that complements your own. She brings in some income and you get quality, “unsupervised” time with your kids. Take the boys to the gun range or batting cage. You don’t want her to frivorce your ass after her being home/unemployed for the last 10-15 years.


2 thoughts on “Terrible advice, freely given, is still terrible advice

  1. Steps to turn your wife from a feminist into a traditional woman

    Step 1; pimp hand
    Step 2; refer to step #1

    There is a reason why feminist wanted to dumb down domestic violence to where it is now and that’s because they know pimp hand = wet and willing wife


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