Chinese Computer Parts Now Come With Free Egg Roll!

During the ensuing top-secret probe, which remains open more than three years later, investigators determined that the chips allowed the attackers to create a stealth doorway into any network that included the altered machines. Multiple people familiar with the matter say investigators found that the chips had been inserted at factories run by manufacturing subcontractors in China.

Nobody with two brain cells to rub together is surprised. Nobody, except this full of shit “expert”.

Still, to actually accomplish a seeding attack would mean developing a deep understanding of a product’s design, manipulating components at the factory, and ensuring that the doctored devices made it through the global logistics chain to the desired location—a feat akin to throwing a stick in the Yangtze River upstream from Shanghai and ensuring that it washes ashore in Seattle. “Having a well-done, nation-state-level hardware implant surface would be like witnessing a unicorn jumping over a rainbow,” says Joe Grand, a hardware hacker and the founder of Grand Idea Studio Inc. “Hardware is just so far off the radar, it’s almost treated like black magic.”

Who can afford to buy lots really big, powerful, relatively expensive servers? Really big companies and government agencies, that’s who, you idiot. How do you make sure they buy the right servers? You sell the parts cheap to the supplier who does business with those entities. Its not wocket science, people.


Oh and Apple found these exploit chips too, but didn’t say anything to anybody:

Three senior insiders at Apple say that in the summer of 2015, it, too, found malicious chips on Supermicro motherboards. Apple severed ties with Supermicro the following year, for what it described as unrelated reasons.

Traitorous bastards.


2 thoughts on “Chinese Computer Parts Now Come With Free Egg Roll!

  1. ‘Nobody with two brain cells to rub together is surprised.”
    Might not even require two.
    I’d say one lonely brain cell bouncing around could’ve probably fielded this one.

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  2. Some Company Exec’s need to be scalped ..

    or .. we could just let this guy do it ..

    I prefer the rope and light post method myself .. but I’m just a simple man and what not .. heh

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