Can You Pass The Snow Flake Test

You Want The Original Snowflake Test? Here It Is

The Snowflake Test

  1. Outside of standard benefits, what benefits should a company offer employees?

  2. What should the national minimum wage be?

  3. How many sick days should be given to employees?

  4. How often should employees get raises?

  5. How do you feel about guns?

  6. What are your feelings about employees or clients carrying guns?

  7. What are your feelings about safe spaces in challenging work environments?

  8. In a creative environment like The Silent Partner Marketing, what do you envision work attire looking like?

  9. Should “trigger warnings” be issued before we release content for clients or the company that might be considered “controversial”?

  10. How do you feel about police?

  11. If you owned the company and were to find out that a client is operating unethically but was a high paying client…how would you handle it?

  12. When was the last time you cried and why?

  13. You arrive at an event for work and there’s a major celebrity you’ve always wanted to meet. What happens next?

  14. What’s your favorite kind of adult beverage?

  15. What’s the best way to communicate with clients?

  16. What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?

  17. What are your thoughts on the current college environment as it pertains to a future workforce?

  18. What’s your typical breakfast?

  19. What’s your favorite drink when you go to a coffeehouse?

  20. How do you handle bullies?

  21. How do you handle it when your ideas are shot down?

  22. What do you do if a coworker comes to the table with an idea and it sucks?

  23. What does the first amendment mean to you?

  24. What does faith mean to you?

  25. Who is your role model and why?

  26. “You’re in Starbucks with two friends. Someone runs in and says someone is coming in with a gun in 15 seconds to shoot patrons. They offer you a gun. Do you take it? What do you do next?”

  27. What does America mean to you?

  28. You see someone stepping on an American flag. What do you do?

  29. What does “privilege” mean to you?

  30. What’s more important? Book smarts or street smarts? Why?

h/t Larry G who linked it at Spawny’s

I think many of my own answers would be situational. Like company benefits; I think those should be based on what would be most-likely to keep employees productive and happy to be working for that company. I like working from home, that means a lot to me.

What communication works best for that client? Do that.

I don’t think a national minimum wage is a good idea, but then again, I’m against most federal regulation of what should be local matters.

Its a great list overall. I think I would enjoy working at a company that used this list and just about everybody there was on the same page as me.

I’m in a Starbucks??? Ha, ha, ha. No. Make it I’m picking my kids up from school. Oh look, I’ve brought my own tools.

Your thoughts in the comments.

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