Harvard Is For Idiots


21 of 23 randomly selected students, faculty and alumni of Harvard didn’t know what causes the seasons or what causes the phases of the moon.

Extra stupid points awarded to the girl who has “gotten really far” without any science classes.

17 thoughts on “Harvard Is For Idiots

  1. 2:06 .. “I’ve gotten very far without it” (re: science).

    Only just before that do you have a Black Man who has had these advanced classes and .. yet .. he’s no different than the other science de-nigh-ears.

    You do realize that Ha-verd is not an accrediated university .. just like the other Ivy League Mafia schools ..

    They count on brand name .. and yet .. the FIRST question you’ll be asked if you want to OCS in the Military .. or for a job .. or a PE .. is what school did you attend and graduate .. AND was it an accreditated uni’ .

    I see moe-rons .. and they drive cars .. and as they approach me .. I Heat-Up with rage from their rays of stupid .. and as they move further away .. my season changes to a much milder climate.

    Long live the moe-rons. /S

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    • Well Ton .. we have an axis of tilt ..

      It’s either good motorcycle weather (good tilt) .. or it’s not (bad axis tilt) ..

      These days it’s raining so much .. I haven’t got out on the bike .. 😒

      And there “ain’t no” fix for that tilt .. hmmmpf

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      • Both not me .. but this is more my speed these days .. rain or shine .. but recently the drivers ’round these parts concern me so much .. I don’t give’em any extra incentive .. it’s gotten bad here ..

        So it’s more selective riding these days ..

        And lets get real .. nobody calls me a biker riding these adventure / on-off-road bikes.

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      • Off road is the only time I ride all weather anymore.

        Those days are over for me on the local roads.

        As far as cold .. cold don’t bother me .. I rode in Minnie-So-Cold in the winter .. many years ago .. granted .. more fair weather than foul .. lol .. the foul weather riding was on the snow-mo-bills.


      • The coldest I evere did was that blizzard a few years back, from Indy to the other side of SC. I was on my way from a bidness trip to the 75TH Daytona rally.

        Which is like summer ridding for some of the Your-a-peeing guys

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