Oh, So You’re An Idiot Too…


Noah: The most important thing we need to be spending more money on is the transition to green energy. Ocasio-Cortez has laid out an ambitious plan to replace most fossil-fuel energy with carbon-free sources by 2030, called the Green New Deal. Upgrading the electrical grid to compensate for the intermittency of solar and wind, building electric vehicle charging stations, decommissioning coal plants and replacing them with wind and solar — it will all require a lot of money and resources. But in the end it’ll be worth it, not just for fighting climate change but for the country’s technological and infrastructure future. That seems like something that Tyler would endorse, given the focus on growth, technology, and environmental protection in his new book, “Stubborn Attachments.” So that’s what we need to be raising tax revenues in order to fund.

Most “economists” really do seem to be tin-plated morons, and yet they hold incredible influence on public policy in this country and others.

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