Every Picture Tells A Story – Gun Grabber Edition from the Pirate’s Cove

The gun grabbers keep exposing their true agenda on firearms. When you look at abortion, it isn’t about making them “safe and rare”, it’s about allowing them unfettered, no restrictions, right up birth to right after birth. With firearms, it’s not about making it more safe, it really is about disarmament It took New Zealand…

via Say, What Does It Take To Ban All Semi-Automatic Rifles? — Pirate’s Cove

First they take your guns, then they take whatever else they either want or just don’t want you to have. Liberty is not the natural order of things. It must be defended.

Hell, all U.S. Democrats should now move to the paradise that is New Zealand. Didn’t they see Lord of the Rings? It’s gorgeous down there.

2 thoughts on “Every Picture Tells A Story – Gun Grabber Edition from the Pirate’s Cove

  1. This is thanks to female suffrage. Women Feel Very Strongly that banning private gun ownership would result in Less Bad Things Happening. If we could just pass enough laws then all violence would cease and we will live in a land of cuddly lions and friendly vipers.

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