WTF Is Up With “Reaction” Videos?

Not picking on these kids specifically, but WhyTF would anyone want to watch someone else watch a video clip? They just watch it and you watch them watching it? They don’t make any jokes or add anything funny? Really? That’s fun? That’s entertaining? They actually get more than 100,000 views for some of their videos by doing this? J.F.C.

It’s a sad, sad world.

3 thoughts on “WTF Is Up With “Reaction” Videos?

  1. I’d probably rather just watch the source video, rather than a video of a couple people watching and commenting on it.
    I did find it interesting that the young woman admitted to some valid points. Maybe she can do so because she is not already old and trying to ruin her husband for the sake of money. Or maybe she has some character.

    I wonder if they ever have trouble with copywrite, since they are using an entire copy of someone else’s content. Maybe the comedian is happy for the extra exposure.

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