What Lies Beneath …


See how this chick has basically one expression. She lost all the weight after “overcoming” her problems with depression/mental illness.

“Weight was never a struggle for me when I was growing up. I didn’t think about what I ate, and I was always on the smaller side in terms of body size. However, all of that changed when I got to college. On the outside it looked like I was having a great time in school, I was going out a lot and I had a ton of friends. But in reality, I experienced a lot of inner pain.”

“It was a very dark period of time for me. I began to have issues with depression and anxiety, both of which caused me to use food as an emotional outlet, and because of this, I gained weight.”

What was the cause if the inner pain? How was it resolved? The evidence that she is only able to conjure one expression on her face makes me think there is still a ghost or two in that haunted house.


One more pic just because, Damn!


But, still wouldn’t chance it.

5 thoughts on “What Lies Beneath …

  1. But, still wouldn’t chance it.

    It may seem unfair, as she has made the obvious effort to be self-controlled and to work on gaining a healthy weight.
    But I would agree with KHH. A woman who thinks it is acceptable to be fat is a bad risk for a long-term relationship; she’ll likely balloon up later. Consequences may suck, but past history is the best indicator we have of future responsibility.

    I also have to question why she was not married, if she was consistently a healthy weight until she started university. She has long hair; with a healthy weight, she would have been highly desireable for marriage, at least physically. Was she not willing to give her best years to marriage? Was she a bitch? Foolish with relationship expectations?
    Any woman that claims she cannot marry at 17/18/19 is a liar, stupid, or either an outlier or someone in an unusual situation.

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