They Got Gunner!

Well, it finally happened. WordPress killed my blog. No reason given, they simply invoked the at-will cause and gave me a refund so I got no recourse, but it’s pretty obviously the fact that I hosted Peyton Gendron’s manifesto. It got downloaded over 1,000 times. It wasn’t illegal, not copyrighted and of course I called him out as a godless foolish killer, so… refund.

Until I get things sorted out, don’t panic, I’m still here. I also still own the domain name so that hopefully won’t change.

See, just because the new official MinTruth didn’t get off the ground doesn’t mean that the current unofficial one has gone anywhere.

5 thoughts on “They Got Gunner!

  1. BTW, though – the Biden junta at least shelved the Ministry of Truth, er, the “Disinformation Governance Board”.

    Want to know what’s funny? Most people don’t know or understand the reference to “Ministry of Truth”. Most people don’t understand Orwell’s writings, which were some of the most important of the 20th Century. You literally cannot understand 20th century western history, politics, or culture unless you’ve read Orwell.

    Shakes head.

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  2. When wordpress did this to a certain shy immortal poet&prophet, in mid-november ’14 he took it in stride&started the very casual-sounding his screen name to the anonymous daGBFM zlolzlolzlolz&continued raising hell(in-actuality Teaching the reality of natural GAME to the masses!) as he was want-to-do, at @the CHATEAU&DAL’S by out -GAMING every other dude in the world-at-large,BUT you knew that right HUNTER?
    This song says it BEST HUNTER!

    Every night or so in ’83&’84 it seemed like that song was on my radio playin’!
    I thought it was some reggae dude on the beach in jamica,BUT NO just a guy from new york city!

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