8 thoughts on “T.C.I.F.

      • Looks like implants. The way I usually identify them is when the rounded part of the exposed breast toward the mid chest line and cleavage is “too perfect” and the cleavage itself is wider than normal. Natural breasts tend to sit closer together and the cleavage is a vertical line


        Not opposing parentheses, like this

        ) (

        Fake tits tend to look like you cut a ball in half and stuck the halves on the woman’s chest where her tits used to be. Depending on the size it can be anywhere from softball sized (like here) to basketball sized, like porn stars.

        Just my 2 cents on

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  2. Yeah, she looks like a blonde version of HERCULES bride in Hercules unchained HUNTER.

    When I was watching the OTA(I didn’t start watching them on cable until ’98) version of MST3K in ’95 they showed that&the other STEVE REEVES Hercules ALL-the-time as in every few weeks(or so).
    ”I believe that I, GBFM have been deserted by the gods”😉😎
    I also like where my well-known eccentricity is used against me by certain bros dude. I also ‘explained’ what a certain link was about at SPAWNYS today too.
    I always believe everyone knows everything I know(In this case about women’s preferences in porn, that I first learned about on some MANosphere site I can’t remember right now). Hence why I can get along with 99% of people usually bro.

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