Cardio Alone Won’t Save You From Being a Fatass

This article:

covers some of the basic myths and misunderstandings about weight-loss and cardio only exercise. I basically agree with all four points, but the thing everyone needs to understand is that neither cardio or strength training will lead to weight loss if your diet is crap. I trained cardio 12-16 hours a week getting ready for my first full Ironman and didn’t lose a pound because my diet was pretty bad vs. losing ~ 40 lbs training for my first marathon along with moderate calorie restriction.

A warning: most of the comments are useless or nearly so. Lots of whining and lack of reading comprehension throughout. Many people with over-emphasis on cardio being responsible for their weight-loss.

This pic is a good representation of an attractive woman who likely combines  sensible cardio and strength-training  routines along with proper diet.


Women do not need to be afraid of strength training. You’re not going to get big and nasty like this chick without doing some steroids ladies.


Men think this is gross unless they have some weird fetish or are homosexuals not being honest with themselves.

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