Women are always victims, always…


From a post at the Chateau:

In a culture that worships beauty, Spiranac has hit the genetic lottery: luscious golden hair, sparkling blue eyes, porcelain skin and a figure curvier than 17 Mile Drive. But she has always had a complicated relationship with her appearance, going back to a traumatic childhood beset by physical maladies. From the moment she became an accidental Instagram sensation, she has been objectified on a global scale. Ever since, Spiranac has been fighting to regain control of her sense of self. Her reaction to the first rush of Internet fame, in the summer of 2015, remains instructive: “I’ll never forget the day the craziness began,” says her mother, Annette. “She was getting thousands of new Instagram followers every hour. We were visiting my husband’s relatives and Paige was in her room, laying on the floor in a fetal position, crying. She kept saying, ‘I don’t know why this is happening. I’m so scared.’ You’re talking about a girl who has always been shy and introverted. She simply couldn’t process the attention.”

CH’s take:

So Paige is a pathological liar as well as attention whore. Great combo in a wife! /sarcasm. Because as we all must know, taking erotic selfies with a huge shit-eating come hither smirk and deliberately posting them to social media is exactly the expressiveness one would expect from a shy and introverted woman utterly perplexed that she has horny Instagram followers. /Dcupsarcasm. “fetal position” lol that her pr agent/mom expects us to believe this load of spin.

Yep. Not only is it bullshit. It’s insulting bullshit. You know if having a whole bunch of weirdos following you on Instagram is a problem, then delete your account. Shy introverts don’t post these pictures on teh interwebs:


Actually shy introverts don’t even wear those outfits period…


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