The One Where I Improve A Meme 1000 Fold

I think this meme is pretty good:


It really describes the way a lot of women “think” and makes me glad I gave up trying to understand them. BUT, it’s really lacking in one area that makes think that maybe some “red-pill woman” came up with it. Now the lacking element really should be pretty damn obvious to any guy checking this out given the text, but I’ll make it easy one the wimmenz and manginas. What its missing is ………















6 thoughts on “The One Where I Improve A Meme 1000 Fold

  1. HEH .. Ole Swift (motor)boat action at its best ..

    Is it me .. or does she have that .. I’d like to speak to the Manager hair-cut 😂


    • I’m Tweaking T-Swizzle a little here, just ’cause some on the “right” made her into a paragon of virtue, while some on the “left” were ripping her to pieces for the same thing. Mostly keeping quiet about “issues” and shit, and just keeping the money rolling in.

      Don’t like that haircut either, it says “wimmenz” to me. Long hair always wins, but either way she’s 28 now and running out of runway.


      • she’s 28 now and running out of runway.

        She can’t stick the landing .. ‘cuz she’d run(way) out of material .. 😄 .. to market to future young fully employed empowered cubicle hamsters.


  2. I carry a wallet in one front pocket .. I carry a 5 shot s&w 340 pd (very lightweight) hammerless 357 mag back-up boom-stick in the other.

    I have wimminz stare rape my junk all the time .. when I was younger they wouldn’t get caught gawking .. today .. they don’t even check-up.

    Must be the 3 large packages they’re looking for 🤣

    I don’t have the heart anymore to advise them my eyes are up a bit from there .. I jus’ squeeze my gluts and lightly pelvic thrust’em .. they’re probably waitin on my my hip rotation act 😉

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      • No Problemo. I’d be happy to help.

        I’ve been carrying for over 25 years. My earliest family photo’s have me holding a firearm while my brothers played with tractors .. I’ve found what works for me. And I enjoy helping folks fimd what works for them.

        Finding what works for you is the important thing. Everything has a trade-off .. CC permit holders have a million good choices these days.

        Ask away whenever you like brother.

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