Has Joe Biden Become The Hillary Clinton of U.S. Presidents?

Joe Biden grunts one out into his Depends

Look, everyone hates Hillary but the media refuses to acknowledge that fact, even though it’s the real reason she lost the election to Donald Trump. These days everyone hates Joe, but again the media refuses to acknowledge the fact in the face of overwhelming evidence because even though he’s an idiot, he’s their idiot.

2 thoughts on “Has Joe Biden Become The Hillary Clinton of U.S. Presidents?

  1. Historical&not everyday comment coming up based on the reputable GAMERS known as ROISSY&GBFM from friday march 26th 2010 on ROISSYS sausage-fest post!
    ”These days everyone hates neocons, but again the media refuses to acknowledge the fact in the face of overwhelming evidence because even though neocons are idiots, neocons are their idiot.”
    ”What are the implications of neoncon-iniaited imbalanced sex ratios? What happens when there are more men than women, or vice versa? In the matter of a surplus of men (i.e. a sexual market favoring women), we in the US may already be experiencing that on an enormous (heh) scale. I wrote about this misunderstood catastrophe in my groundbreaking post “Obesity to blame for game” (with illustrations!):

    Game has been refined, taught and embraced by men in direct proportion to the shrinking pool of attractive thin girls. As the reduced supply of skinny chicks have seen their sexual market value skyrocket, they have adjusted by pricing their pussies out of reach for the average guy. In return, men have sought solutions to this new challenge in the rapidly advancing science of seduction. Where simple courtship worked in the past, it is no longer effective against the deep bunker(neocon banker) defenses of the in-demand slender woman.

    There are other reasons for the rise of game(fedreserve,feminism&even I&GBFM, but obesity plays a whale (heh) of a role. A fattening female population means we have a de facto male surplus. Some men will settle for fatties, (some men screw sheep), but most will prefer to stick it out competing for years in the dating market and avoiding marriage until they either drop out or get what they want — a thinner chick.
    I also speculated what a female surplus would do to courtship dynamics. On many major college campuses, women outnumber men 3 to 2. I called this a poon nirvana for the typical college male and predicted how the excess chicks would alter the hothouse campus atmosphere:

    Women acting sluttier.
    Fat women ostracized more than ever.
    Betas taunted by a flesh machine churning out display product they cannot buy.
    Alphas living like harem kings.
    Alphas in general acting more caddish. More drinking, fighting, fornicating, and video gaming.
    Betas in general withdrawing more from social life to seek the sympathetic embrace of their computers or like-minded losers in love.
    Dating replaced by fucking (“hooking up” in the current nomenclature).
    Blowjobs and anal sex increasingly accepted as virginity-sparing sex substitutes.
    Later marriages.
    And finally, a tired rationalization hamster punching in overtime. The female mind has never been so besotted with challenges to her anti-slut barricade!
    Since there are, generally, fewer fat chicks at college age than later ages, the national obesity calamity would not significantly counterbalance the absolute skewed sex ratio favoring college attending men.”-ROISSY 2010

    when women are left to their own devices they

    1) take a lot of cocks in all orfices
    2) their egss dry up
    3) they buy cats


    ben bernanke and his friends are depopulating the western world.

    by desouling women, they conquered the west without ever firing a shot.

    oh yeah jsut wanted to point out that morality and marriage are male inventions.

    never has a women ever spoken out against buttsex.

    in fact, necocon women like candace allan exalt buttsex in celebrateing their faux alpha males tucker max.


    one thing you guys need to pay attention to is how all teh alpha attributes — honor, character, and integrity — are now attr8ibuted to beta males under teh noecon rules, whil sodomy and butthex are considered alpha traits.


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